Developing Modern Web Applications using AngularJS and ASP.NET WebAPI

מק"ט: #1373 | משך קורס: 40 שעות אק'
| מספר מפגשים: 5

This course provides the necessary skills and techniques to design and write modern Web applications using the Google's AngularJS & Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI.

You will gain in-depth technical knowledge of ASP.NET MVC WebAPI and AngularJS for building Restful Single Page Application (SPA) application using the Web API at the server side and AngularJS at the client side.

Through the course we will build a fully functional web site using best practices for cross device web/mobile applications.

The course presents a mixture of lectures and hand-on exercises. Instructions and solutions are provided for C# and JavaScript only.

*שדות חובה
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קהל יעד

Developers who want to understand and experience building modern Web Applications using the Microsoft server side architecture “ASP.NET MVC Web API” and the Google's AngularJS library for Single Page Application (SPA) implementation.

תנאי קדם

  • Good knowledge of HTML and HTTP specifications
  • Good knowledge of the C# Programming Language
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript Programming Language



  • Introducing Model View Controller (MVC)
  • ASP.NET MVC Main Characteristics
  • Review ASP.NET MVC Ingredients
  • Introducing ASP.NET MVC Web API
  • Introducing REST, JSON and Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • MVC at the client side using Java Script libraries.
  • Introducing AngularJS

Controllers and Actions (ASP.Net MVC)

  • Controller base class
  • Action Execution
  • Handling Input
  • Method Selectors
  • Action Results
  • TempData
  • Filters

Model Binding

  • Complex Type Binding
  • Array Binding
  • Controlling Binding Process
  • Handling Validation Errors
  • Validation Helpers
  • Validation using Data Annotations
  • Custom Model Binder


  • Creating Web APIs
  • Web API Routing and Actions
  • Working with HTTP
  • Formats and Model Binding
  • Hosting
  • Extensibility
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

Using ADO.Net Entity Framework

  • Introduction to Entity Framework
  • Modeling and Query generation
  • Using Entity Framework with Web API
  • Updating data using Entity Framework
  • When to use and When not to use Entity Framework

Object Oriented JavaScript

  • JavaScript Pitfalls
  • Module Pattern
  • From Module to Class
  • Prototype
  • Inheritance
  • Extending built-in prototypes
  • Namespace


  • Getting Started
  • Data Binding
  • Controller
  • Module
  • Useful Directives
  • Validation
  • Routing
  • Working with back end server
  • Services
  • Understanding and Using Promises
  • Custom Directives
  • Node package management (NPM) and useful libraries


Introduction to Angular 2.0

  • What's new with Angular 2.x version?
  • What about versions compatibility?
  • Upgrading from version 1.x to 2.x
  • When is the time to move to 2.x?