Elasticsearch Development and Basic Administration

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The Elastic Stack is one of the most effective ways to leverage open source technology to build a central logging, monitoring, and alerting system for servers and applications. This course will teach you how to setup of the Elastic Stack.

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  • Install Elasticsearch
  • Perform basic administration
  • Monitor and maintain Elasticsearch in production environments
  • Use indexing and searching data on documents
  • Setup the Whole Stack

קהל יעד

  • Software developers
  • DevOps
  • R&D Team Leaders 

תנאי קדם

  • Background in any modern programming language (C++/Java/Python/Java Script/C#)
  • Familiarity and ability to work with basic batch/shell command scripting


  • Introduction
  • Configureing ElasticSearch
    • Introduction the Monitoring Chanllenge
    • Installing ElasticSearch on Linux
    • Installing ElasticSearch on Windows Server
  • Installing Logstash
    • Introduction to LogStash
    • Installing Logstash
  • Visualizing with Kibana
    • Introduction to Kibana
    • Installing and Configuring Kibana
  • Instrumenting Windows Server
    • Installing and Configuring Winlogbeat
    • Seeting up logstash for Beats
    • Creating Winlog Dashboards
    • Creating MetricBeat Dashboards
  • Instrumenting Linux Server
    • Installing And configuring Filebeat
    • Creating Linux Dashboards
  • Instrumenting Network Traffic
    • Installing and Configuring Packetbeat on Windows
    • Graphing ICMP and HTTP Network Traffic in Kibana
  • Instrumenting IIS Logs
    • Configuring Filebeat and Logstash for IIS
    • Graphing IIS request Data with Kibana
  • Alerting with Watcher
    • Installing and Configuring Watcher
    • Setting up an Email Watch and Alert