Getting Started With GWT, ExtJS & GXT

מק"ט: #12077 | משך קורס: 8 שעות אק'

Google Web Toolkit(GWT) is an open source set of tools that allows web developers to create and maintain complex JavaScript front-end applications in Java. GWT emphasizes reusable, efficient solutions to recurring Ajax challenges, namely asynchronous remote procedure calls, history management, bookmarking, internationalization and cross-browser portability. In this seminar we'll learn how to develop a Web application with GWT 2.3 and the Google Plugin for Eclipse. 

ExtJS is a cross-browser JavaScript framework for building rich client-side internet applications. In this seminar you'll learn how to use the Ext JS library to simplify many client-side scripting and user interface development challenges. Participants will learn how to perform Document Object Model (DOM) manipulations that dynamically change the content and appearance of their Web pages, how to make AJAX requests to retrieve new content from a server, create user interface elements and interactive forms, and work with some of the advanced Ext JS 4 features.

GWT EXT (GXT) is a winning combination: using GWT as a strong infrastructure framework with ExtJS amazing UI components to create an end-to-end solution for Java based web application.

*שדות חובה
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קהל יעד

  • Web developers.
  • Team Leaders.
  • R&D Project Managers.


תנאי קדם

  • Basic OOP knowledge
  • Basic HTML/Javascript/CSS knowledge
  • Basic AJAX knowledge


Into to RIA world

  • What is RIA? Why should I use it?
  • Pros & Cons of using RIA
  • Where & how to start?


Intro to GWT

  • Google Web Toolkit Introduction
  • GWT pros & cons
  • Modules, Entry Points and HTML pages
  • Create your first GWT application
  • GWT Project Structure
  • Debugging GWT applications
  • Client and Server Communication (RPC)


Intro to ExtJS

  • The Ext class
  • DOM Manipulation with Ext JS
  • Ext JS Application Design
  • Working with Data Stores
  • Basic User Interface Elements: grids, forms & trees