Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

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About this Course: This course guides students through the complete setup and data entry for the Human resources module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. Students will learn how to use the Human resources module to track worker setup, absences, performance, compensation, and benefits. Additionally students will learn to maintain jobs and positions and recruit for open positions.

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  • Distinguish between types of organizational units.
  • Set up an organizational structure.
  • Link people to positions in the organization.
  • Set up new employees and edit information for existing employees.
  • Manage information related to both internal employees and external contacts.
  • Manage employee affiliations.
  • Work with payroll information and benefits.
  • Grant equipment and asset loans to employees.
  • Handle employee information such as courses, educations, and certificates.
  • Set up recruitment projects.
  • Move an applicant and his or her application through the recruitment process.
  • Use recruitment reports.
  • Set up the absence structure.
  • Perform the major processes within absence management.
  • Use the absence analysis tools.
  • Pinpoint where, how, and why skills are used in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Set up skills and skill types.
  • Register skills for employees.
  • Use the skill mapping functionality.
  • Structure and implement goals.
  • Use appraisal interviews.
  • Identify the basic actors in the course management structure (courses, participants, locations and instructors).
  • Manage the process life cycle of a course, from design and deployment, through registration and execution, to evaluation.
  • Manage participants.
  • Access the HR functionality on the Enterprise Portal.
  • Set up different users for Employee Services on the Enterprise Portal.
  • Use the employee self service features from the employee viewpoint.
  • Use the employee self service functionality from the line manager viewpoint.
  • Use the employee self service functionality from the absence approver viewpoint.
  • Perform the major processes within Competence Management.
  • Identify the connection between compensation and employee performance.
  • Explain the steps that are required for the retail hotfix or for the update deployment

קהל יעד

This training material is intended for experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX users who want to plan, implement, manage, and troubleshoot in Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources Management.

תנאי קדם

  • Participants should have at least a basic knowledge of payroll and human resources concepts.
  • Participants must be familiar with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


Module 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management

  •  Introduction
  •  Set Up Human Source Management

Module 2: Organization Set Up

  •  Organization Set Up
  •  Work with Positions
  •  Organization Reporting
  •  Position Budgeting Data
  •  Role-Based Security
  •  Global Address Book

Module 3: Worker Setup

  •  Setup for Worker Information
  •  Create a New Worker Record
  •  Position Assignment
  •  Maintain Workers
  •  Set Up Teams
  •  Union Setup
  •  Loan Equipment to Workers
  •  Manager I-9 Compliance
  •  Manage ADA Information
  •  Worker Reporting

Module 4: Administer Recruitment Process

  •  Set Up Recruitment Information
  •  Manage Recruitment Projects
  •  Manage the Applicant for Employment
  •  Applicant Review Process
  •  Hire for the Recruitment Project
  •  Recruitment Reporting

Module 5: Absence Administration

  •  Set Up Absence Information
  •  Manage Absences
  •  Absence Reporting

Module 6: Manage Competencies

  •  Set Up Competencies
  •  Record Competencies
  •  Report Competencies

Module 7: Manage Worker Performance

  •  Set Up Performance Information
  •  Manage Performance
  •  Performance Reports

Module 8: Administer Courses

  •  Set Up Training
  •  Manage Training
  •  Training Reports

Module 9: Manage Compensation

  •  Setup for Compensation
  •  Compensation Plans
  •  Process Events
  •  Update Compensation for Employees
  •  Pay for Performance

Module 10: Set Up Benefit Information

  •  Set Up Benefits
  •  Manage Benefit Eligibility
  •  Enroll Workers in Benefits
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