HY100: SAP Hybris Commerce Product Overview

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This course is a high level introduction of functionality in the SAP Hybris Commerce platform. It focuses on the Accelerators (B2B and B2C and Telco) and introduces out of the box storefront and back office functionality with demonstrations and discussions. As this is not a technical training, topics such as SAP Hybris Commerce platform functionality, architecture and data integration will be discussed only at a very high level.
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  • Describe SAP Hybris Commerce at a high level

קהל יעד

  • Business stakeholders
  • Decision makers
  • Project managers
  • Sales managers

תנאי קדם

  • Fundamental understanding of web technologies and e-commerce concepts


  • Introduction and Customer Agenda Discovery
  • Accelerators
    • Accelerators in different verticals – B2B, B2C, Telco
  • Back Office
    • Overview of various interfaces used to manage implementations
    • UIs – Backoffice, Product Cockpit, WCMS Cockpit / SmartEdit
  • Commerce and Order Management
    • Overview of Commerce and Order Management
  • Integrations
    • Overview of Data Integration
    • Data Hub overview and features
    • Omni Commerce Connect & Web Services
    • Asynchronous/synchronous communication
    • Overview of Integration Scenarios
  • Functional Architecture
    • Overview
    • Third party products extensions
    • Security
  • Data Hub
    • Overview and features
    • Customer Agenda Items

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