HY440: SAP Hybris Commerce Order Management

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SAP Hybris Order Management (OM - formerly called Order Management Services or OMS) has been provided as a set of Hybris Core Platform extensions since version 5.7. Hybris OM allows you to view and manage customer orders, review and edit shipping information, manage returns and refunds, search for and view your inventory information. The course provides in-depth coverage of:
  • Automated order workflow
  • Sourcing and allocation
  • Order splitting
  • Picking, packing, labelling and confirming shipments through the Backoffice Order Fulfilment Cockpit
  • Creating and managing returns and refunds
  • Viewing fraud reports, payment details, and customer information
  • Customer Support (CS) integration using the CS Cockpit
  • Accelerator integration
Only SAP Hybris customers and partners will have access to the SAP download center whereby they can install SAP Hybris software. All others have to use WTS.  
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  • Use and customize the Order Fulfillment and Customer Services Cockpits
  • Customize order processes to suit your business model
  • Monitor and manage inventory
  • Define and use sourcing strategies
  • Define and use allocation strategies
  • Integrate OM with SAP
  • Configure your OM production environment

קהל יעד

  • Developers working with SAP Hybris Order Management

תנאי קדם


  • HY400 - Hybris Commerce Developer Training Part I
  • HY410 - Hybris Commerce Developer Training Part II


  • HY465 - Hybris Cockpit NG (Backoffice) Developer Training


  • Order Management Functionality
    • Order Process
    • Sourcing & Allocation
    • Availability To Promise (ATP)
    • Returns & Refunds
    • Cancellation & Re-sourcing
  • Order Management User Interfaces
    • Backoffice Customer Support Cockpit
    • Backoffice Order Fulfillment Cockpit
  • Order Management Integration with SAP ERP
    • Asynchronous Hybris/ERP integration
    • Synchronous Hybris/ERP Integration
  • Order Management Architecture
    • Component Architecture
    • Stock Availability Checks
    • Deployment Architecture
  • Backoffice Customization
    • Widgets and Actions (warehousing)
    • Widgets and Actions (CS)
  • Sourcing
    • Structures
    • Processes
    • Strategies
    • Fitness
    • Availability To Promise (ATP)
    • Global and Local
    • ATP Data Model
    • ATP Services
    • ATP Calculation
  • Order Process Definitions
    • Order Process
    • Consignment Process
    • Return Process


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