Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNE) - CCNA Wireless

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The Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials is a 5 day ILT course, designed to help students prepare for the IUWNE certification, an associate level certification specializing in the wireless field.

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מטרות הקורס

The goal of the course is to provide students with information and practice activities to prepare them to help design, install, configure, monitor and conduct basic troubleshooting tasks of a Cisco WLAN in Enterprise installations

קהל יעד

Network engineers, network administrators, network managers, system engineers, WLAN designers, planners, implementers, optimizers, project managers, program managers, and any individual wishing to attain the CCNP-Wireless level.

דרישות קדם

  • Learners considered for this training will have completed ICND 1 / CCENT certification. This is a prerequisite.
  • Learners considered for this training will have a basic knowledge of: - the Cisco lifecycle deployment - the SONA.
  • It is also recommended that learners considered for this training would have a basic knowledge of: - Wireless standards (IEEE) - Wireless régulation environnent (FCC, ETSI, etc.) - Wireless certification organization (wifi alliance).
  • Learners considered for this training will have demonstrated competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) equivalent to the following: - Basic computer literacy, including the use of general office software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel - Basic Windows navigation and keyboard literacy skills - Basic Internet usage skills - Basic e-mail usage skills.

נושאי הקורס

  • Understand WLAN fundamentals
  • Describe basics of spread spectrum technology
  • Describe the impact of various wireless technologies
  • Describe wireless regulatory bodies, standards and certifications
  • Describe WLAN RF principles
  • Describe networking technologies used in wireless
  • Describe wireless topologies
  • Describe 802.11 authentication and encryption methods
  • Describe frame types Install a basic Cisco wireless LAN
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