Introduction to Apache Kafka

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Apache Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation, written in Scala and Java. The project aims to provide a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds.
The course explains Kafka Producer and Consumer API and Kafka clustering in details. Explores the recommended development patterns of Kafka usage from creating a simple Kafka application to building a cluster to support High Availability with zero data loss and FIFO ordering with process only once semantics with the help of a Redis cache. The course introduces administration and monitoring of Kafka and includes lots of hands on lab and demos.

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קהל יעד

  • Developers / Team Leader
  • Architects

דרישות קדם

  • Experience in Java programming


  • Course Introduction
  • Apache Kafka Introduction
  • Simple Producer and Consumer API
  • Serializers API
  • Producer Partitioner and Additional Properties
  • Consumer Offset Management
  • Consumer Groups Rebalance Listener
  • Introduction to Redis as Cache
  • Storing Offsets outside of Kafka
  • Transactions
  • Kafka Basic Cluster
  • Kafka Cluster Advanced Topics
  • Utilities and ZooKeeper
  • Additional Kafka API
  • Summary