Introduction to Client Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

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The purpose of this course is getting familiar with JavaScript's wide capabilities along with the foundations of CSS, HTML & jQuery. 

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קהל יעד

Experienced Developers with knowledge of scripting or procedural programing.

תנאי קדם

Basic understanding of JavaScript and html:

  • Basic web skills and experiences such as working with a browser
  • Experience with files and folders, editing source code, using an integrated development environment like Eclipse
  • Basic knowledge on what programming is about and willingness to write code


  • Foundations of html:
    • Describe and write html5 and CSS code
    • Explore Development Tools
    • Work with Basic html-Elements and Semantic Markups
    • Implement User Friendly Web Forms
    • Work with html5-Custom Attributes
  • Foundation of CSS:
    • Describe CSS-Essentials
    • Work with Pseudoclasses
  • Foundations of JavaScript:
    • Understand Object-Oriented (OOP) Programming with JavaScript
    • Explore JavaScript Language Basics
    • Work with Primitive Data Types, Reference Types, and Operators
    • Implement Statements in JavaScript
    • Understand JavaScript-Scopes and Context Execution
    • Understand error handling in JavaScript
    • Explore DOM manipulation concepts of JavaScript
    • Work with events
    • Use http-Requests and AJAX
    • Work with Promises
  • Foundations of jQuery:
    • Understand jQuery-Foundation
    • Work with Selectors
    • Understand jQuery Eventing
    • Use Styling and Animation
    • Manipulate the DOM
    • Use AJAX with jQuery