Introduction to Open GL

מק"ט: #1838 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'

OpenGL allows creating 3D models that can be rendered on many platforms with hardware acceleration on those platforms. OpenGL is a versatile and complex system that must be used correctly and efficiently to get desired results. The course explores advanced topics in using OpenGL and other associated technologies, such as the Cg toolkit from nVidia to create state of the art graphics.

*שדות חובה
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קהל יעד

The course is intended for OpenGL programmers that want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level.

דרישות קדם

Attendees must be familiar with the basics of OpenGL and other concepts in 3D graphics, such as transformations, projections, texture mapping, etc.

נושאי הקורס

• OpenGL Functionality – 1/2 day
o Introduction to OpenGL
o Viewing and Modeling Transformation
o Projection Transformation
o 3D Transformation
o Manipulating Matrix Stack 
o Display Lists 
o Vertex Array
o Triangle Fans and Strips
o Color and Lighting
o Texture Mapping
• Hardware buffers – ½ day
o Stencil buffer
o Z-Buffer/Depth buffer
o Accumulating buffer
• OpenGL Extension – ½ day
o About OpenGL Extension
o Type of OpenGL extension
o GL_ARB and other extensions
• Graphics Hardware – ½ day
o GPU Architecture
o Vertex and Fragment Processors
o Multiple rendering passes
o Summary of differences between ATI and NVIDIA