Introduction to the World of DevOps

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Ask 20 people for a definition of DevOps and likely get 20 different answers.

DevOps first and foremost is “a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals.” DevOps sets the principles and practices that accelerate the delivery of IT services that eventually helps in shortening time to market of new features and software services provided by the R&D team. Much of the material covered in this section will focus on Continuous Delivery, Containerization, Monitoring & Continuous monitoring and the culture change required to adopt DevOps methodology.

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קהל יעד

  • R&D Managers
  • Develop Team Leaders
  • Delivery Managers
  • Developers
  • IT
  • System Administrators

תנאי קדם

  • Familiar with basic Linux administration and networking.


Intro – DevOps, The Myths and The Truths
The Problems that DevOps Solves
  • What is DevOps
  • What are we trying to solve?
  • What is included in DevOps toolbox
  • How do we do DevOps in the “Lean startup”
  • Agile framework in Native cloud development
Making the DevOps Transition
  • Who should lead the change
  • How to lead the change to ensure success?
  • The target – TTM!
Case Studies of Different Clients
Implementing DevOps
  • The toolbox
    • IAC
    • CM
    • CI/CD
    • K8S and friends