iOS Deployment & Management

מק"ט: #51042 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'

iOS Deployment & Management is a two day hands-on course that provides technical coordinators and system administrators with the skills, tools and knowledge to deploy and maintain iOS based devices and provision in-house developed apps.
Delegates will learn what constitutes a successful infrastructure for using and maintaining large numbers of iOS devices, how to utilise iTunes for activation, back-up and restore and updating, compare and utilise the different methods of creating and deoplying iOS configuration Profiles using iPhone Configuration Utility and how to use Apple Configurator in the en-mass preperation of iOS devices.
The course covers integration of iOS based devises into a Microsoft Exchange® network using Exchange ActiveSync®, together with the configuration and utilisation of a Mobile Device Management Server. Tools such as Apple's Configurator and Profile Manager are covered in depth. 

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תנאי קדם

  • Basic troubleshooting experience together with some experience of MAC OS X Server or Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Experience of using iOS based devices

משך הקורס

משך הקורס הינו 16 שעות

קהל יעד

This course is for technical coordinators and system administrators who are tasked with implementing and maintaining iOS based devices.


  • Deployment Challenges and Strategies
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Deployment Options
  • iTunes and Activation (wired and over-the-air)
  • Device Configuration
  • Using Apple Configurator to manage Devices
  • Device synchronisation and Backups
  • Provisioning and Applications
  • Developer Program Overview
  • Microsoft Exchange integration
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Profile Manager and third-party solutions