Java Full Stack Programming

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As software world shifts towards web-services Java developers must be able to fuse small backend services to modern web clients like mobiles & IoT. Services are mostly consumed in a stateless, synchronous manner but queues and a-synchronous messaging are also commonly used. Deployments should be often automated and match DevOps project requirements. Full stack Java developers should be able to create services, publish services synchronously & asynchronously, provide client tier and cooperate with automated project processes.
This course deep dives into implementing REST web services and Microservices using JAX-RS. The course also covers JMS for asynchronous services. The course introduces Tomcat administration and automation via Jenkins and Docker. Finally, the course provide practical entrance to Angular framework to build SPA  

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קהל יעד

  • Developers that want to implement REST based Web Services with Java
  • Java developers that want to build DevOps compliant software components
  • Developers that want to implement Microservices with Java
  • Java developers that want to use ClientMVC frameworks 

תנאי קדם

  • Experience in JavaSE
  • Basic experience with client side technologies (HTML, JavaScript)



  • 2,3,N tier model
  • RPC
  • XML, JSON & Binding (JAXB)
  • MVC Model 2
  • SPA
  • Future internet clients

Intro to web development

  • Intro to HTTP
  • Java web module components
  • Servlets API – intro
  • Basic configuration
  • Understanding HTTPRequest, response & sessions



  • Why REST?
  • Going stateless
  • HTTP for RPC
  • RESTful methodology
  • Creating REST APIs with JAX-RS
  • Unit Testing with REST client API
  • Managing sessions
  • Applying declarative security



  • Why & what is?
  • Creating Microservices with JAX-RS
  • Main Patterns


JMS – Java Messaging Services

  • Architecture
  • P2P, Pub/Sub
  • Connection & Session
  • Acknowledge modes
  • Transacted messaging
  • Message types
  • Message listener
  • Handling Message content
  • Filtering


Tomcat basic administration

  • Basic configuration files
  • Creating connection pools
  • Configuring JMS
  • Deploying Microservice to tomcat


Automating tomcat with Jenkins & Docker

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Jenkins-Docker plugin for Tomcat
  • Automate Tomcat with Jenkins


Intro to clientMVC – Angular Framework

  • Intro to client MVC
  • Understand the need in Java full stack
  • Intro to Angular framework
    • Application structure
    • Main controllers
    • Setting on page load values
    • Events
    • $http to make AJAX calls