Java secured programming

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Security is one of the most important requirements of any application.
The Java platform offers many tools to implement security in every layer of your application.
Movement toward Microservices and wide use of SPA increases web interaction with server side modules and exposes backend to new threats.
This course provides a thorough view of implementing security correctly in your Java code and on how to use the security features of various popular Java frameworks. The course also relates to web treats and how to secure web-services 

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קהל יעד


  • Java developers that want to use most popular BigData APIs & tools
  • Java developers that want to use No-SQL
  • Java developers that want to perform advanced text queries and storage
  • Java developers that want to use BigData streaming  

תנאי קדם


  • Experience in JavaSE
  • Familiarity with Java server side technologies (Servlets/Spring/EJB) 


  • Security threats
  • Secured code principles
    • Relevant design patterns
    • JNI
    • IO
    • Broken constructors
    • Extension classloader
  • Security architectural assumptions
    • JSE Security
    • Java Security manager
    • Class loader security
    • Securing source code
    • Cryptography
    • Certificates and Key-tool
  • Web security
    • OWASP
    • Top 10 web attacks
    • HTTPS
    • Authentication methods
      • BASIC
      • DIGEST
      • FORM
  • JEE Security
    • JAAS - Modules and Realms
    • Web tier Authentication
    • Declarative security
    • Web services – client oriented security
    • Web services – protecting business tier