Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

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Cybersecurity education is the critical tool for enterprises faced with an increasing volume of constantly evolving threats. IT Security staff need to be skilled in the advanced techniques that form a key component of effective enterprise threat management and mitigation strategies.

Reverse engineering training is designed to help incident responding groups in the investigation of malicious attacks. This course is intended for IT department employees and system administrators. Students will learn to analyze malicious software, to collect IoCs (Indicators of Compromise), to write signatures for detecting malware on infected machines, and to restore infected/encrypted files and documents.

This Course, offered in collaboration with Kaspersky Labs, is designed to include both theoretical classes and hands-on ‘labs’. On completion of each course, attendees will be invited to complete an evaluation to validate their knowledge.

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  • Build a secure environment for malware analysis: deploy sandbox and all necessary tools
  • Understand principles of Windows program execution
  • Unpack, debug and analyze malicious object, identify its functions
  • Detect malicious sites through script malware analysis
  • Conduct express malware analysis

קהל היעד

  • Cyber or Security Department (CISO, Analysts, Researchers, SOC team, etc).
  • IT Department, System Admins

תנאי קדם

  • Understanding of x86 and x86_64 Assembly (basic knowledge), Python
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++


  • Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering goals and techniques
  • Windows internals, executable files, x86 assembler
  • Basic static analysis techniques
    • Strings extracting
    • Import analysis
    • PE entry points at a glance
    • automatic unpacking, etc.
  • Basic dynamic analysis techniques
    • Debugging
    • Monitoring tools
    • Traffic interception, etc.
  • .NET, Visual Basic, Win64 files analysis
  • Script and non-PE analysis techniques
    • Batch files
    • Autoit
    • Python
    • Jscript
    • JavaScript
    • VBS