Master Client MVC with React

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This course focus on implementing Single Page Application via React.js technology. The course details the SPA architecture and details about the different roles in client MVC design. The course walks through the way of designing and constructing a fully features SPA compliant web modules with React.js and covers both basics and advanced features.
These days, React technology becomes very popular for complex and advanced front end development and becomes a popular long-run solution for web based services

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  • Understand MVC and SPA
  • Describe React technology and application structure
  • Use React basic components
  • Use ECMAScript
  • Combine Redux with React
  • Use routing and asynchronous messaging
  • Use some React advanced features 

קהל יעד

Web developer that choose React as their solution for constructing Single Page Applications and implement client side MVC

תנאי קדם

  • Experience in client side technologies based on HTML & CSS
  • Experience in JavaScript programming
  • Some background in REST and Web-Services


Introduction to SPA & Client MVC

  • SPA Architecture
  • Getting ready for future internet clients & IoT
  • Client MVC roles
  • Overview of supporting technologies (AJAX, REST)


Type Script

  • JavaScript, ECMAScript5 , ECMAScript6 and Type Script
  • Understanding the JavaScript Closures
  • Types
  • Classess
  • Inheritance
  • Generics Modules
  • Tools


Introduction to React.js

  • Github links for React libraries
  • Environment setup
  • Project setup
  • Basic concepts and terms
  • Most basic components
  • The virtual DOM
  • Introduction to React.js event model


React components

  • Basic components
  • Components structure
  • Passing properties
  • Managing component state
  • Using references
  • Pure components


Introduction to Redux with React 

  • FLUX architecture
  • Introduction to Redux
    • Redux actions
    • Redux reducers
    • Redux store
    • Redux middleware
  • Combined with React
    • Use store with React
    • Using reducers and actions to manage component state


React routing

  • React router
  • Single routes
  • Multiple routes


Advanced Redux - Middleware

  • Async Actions
  • Logging
  • Crash reporting


Advanced React

  • Project structure
  • Some selected open-source supportive libraries
  • Best practices