MATLAB Data Visualization

מק"ט: #68210 | משך קורס: 8 שעות אק'

MATLAB Data Visualization is a one-day course that provides techniques for visualizing data effectively in the MATLAB technical computing environment. The course covers displaying data in graphs of different types, animation, images, and movies.
This course is intended for MATLAB users of all levels, both newbie and experienced. Basic familiarity with MATLAB is assumed, but not strictly required

*שדות חובה
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  • Utilize various methods for presenting data and analysis results in MATLAB
  • Understand basic design principles
  • Use different MATLAB graph types
  • Create and display graphs, images and movies
  • Animate graphs and images
  • Manipulate and customize graphs and images
  • Store and reuse graphs, images and movies
  • Understand performance implications, to improve visualization speed

קהל יעד

Engineers involved in creating or maintaining MATLAB applications, including:

  • Design and Simulation Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Research Scientists
  • Software, Firmware and Hardware Developers
  • Companies wishing to package MATLAB algorithms in a professional modern-looking graphical user interface


תנאי קדם

  • Basic familiarity with the MATLAB programming environment. 
  • Programming experience is advantageous, but NOT necessary



  • Discuss course set-up, materials, and logistics
  • Provide a “big picture” view of the course ahead


Introduction to MATLAB Visualization

  • Comparison of MATLAB visualization methods
  • Trade-off considerations
  • General design principles
  • Output to the MATLAB Command Window
  • Output to text files
  • Output to Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Output to webpages


Displaying Data in the MATLAB Command Window/Console

  • Using the built-in disp and fprintf functions
  • Formatting and aligning the displayed text
  • Displaying hyperlinks
  • Using text color and bold formatting
  • Displaying Data in Graphs
  • Comparison of 2D, 2½D, 3D graphs
  • Overview of MATLAB graph types
  • Plotting graphs
  • Using the Plot Editor, Data Stats tool, Curve Fitting tool
  • Legends and colorbars
  • Plot annotations, data tips
  • Controlling zoom, pan, lighting and rotation
  • Saving/exporting figures and plots
  • Interactive vs. programmatic control


Advanced Plotting Techniques

  • Displaying multiple subplots in a figure window
  • Using patches and transparency; effects of figure renderer
  • Using NaNs as a plotting technique
  • Placing selective markers
  • Programmatic plot annotations
  • Using 3rd-party plots: FEX, JFreeChart


Using Images in MATLAB

  • MATLAB internal image types: indexed, intensity, RGB
  • Supported image file formats (read, write)
  • Image file info
  • Colormaps
  • Displaying images in a MATLAB figure window
  • Setting button images
  • The Image Processing Toolbox (IPT)


Handle Graphics

  • Graphic handles in MATLAB
  • MATLAB’s graphic objects hierarchy
  • The inspector tool
  • Retrieving and updating object properties
  • Important figure, axes, and plot properties


Movies and Animation

  • Animation alternatives in MATLAB
  • Animating MATLAB graphics
  • EraseMode alternatives
  • Creating and displaying movies in MATLAB
  • Support for movies by various MATLAB functions


Performance considerations

  • Speeding up the initial graph/image generation
  • Updating plots and images in real-time
  • Avoiding common performance pitfalls


Additional Visualization Techniques

  • Displaying data in Excel
  • Using MATLAB’s Publish tool



  • Where next? – topics and resources for further learning
  • Course evaluation
  • Discuss course set-up, materials, and logistics