Microsoft DevOps Practitioner

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DevOps is a new practice emerging from the combination of practices in both Development and Systems Operations. It is a software development and delivery practice that spans both practices and is concerned with fast delivery and deployment of new software by taking an agile approach to systems management. Systems as well as software should be test drive by design, and processed should be automated as much as possible.
This course takes a hand on approach to DevOps with delegates not only following through tutorials and getting practical experience, but also working in groups to create a full end-to-end pipeline. In five days the course covers the how to use the Azure cloud to provision servers, using source control, continuous integration and deployment systems, containerization, configuration management and monitoring. We utilize tools available through visual studio online such as build management and goals and the new release hub.
During the course delegates will be guided through building a pipeline to deploy both ASP and Java based projects. There is also a significant case study group piece undertaken over the duration of the course. This has everyone working in groups to create a new project, with a complete deployment pipeline from committing code through to release into production.

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קהל יעד

This course is aimed at people both on the developer and operations side of DevOps within your company.

תנאי קדם


  • Have had some experience as either a developer, operations or DevOps
  • Feel comfortable with basic terminal commands in Linux and using Powershell
  • Understands the concepts of source control


  • Experience using GIT
  • Programming experience with ASP or Java


Introduction to DevOps

  • What is DevOps
  • DevOps Tooling
  • The DevOps pipeline


Introduction to Visual Studio Team Services

  • Creating a project
  • Adding other users
  • Creating work items and using the work hub


Introduction to Cloud Computing with Azure

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Intro to Azure
    • Resource Groups
    • Virtual Machines
    • Networking
  • Infrastructure as code - Resource Manager Templates


Source control with Git and Team Foundation Version Control

  • Intro to Version Control
  • Using TFVC
  • Using Git
  • Differences


Building software with NuGet and Gradle

  • What are build and package managers
  • Building ASP projects with NuGet
  • Building Java project with Gradle


CI/CD with visual studio team services (Build Hub)

  • What is CI/CD
  • The VSTS Build hub
    • Build goals
    • Defining a workflow


Introducing Docker

  • What is Containerisation
  • Introducing Docker
  • Using Docker
    • Starting containers
    • Interacting with containers
    • Logs


Building Dockerfiles

  • Building Containers
  • Dockerfile Syntax
  • Mounting Volumes
  • The Dockerhub


Native containers in Windows

  • Containers using Windows
  • Building and running Containers


Intro to Configuration management with Chef

  • What is Configuration Management
  • Installing Chef and running Chef locally


Writing Chef Recipes

  • Hosted Chef
    • Creating an account
    • Configuring Knife
  • Writing recipes
    • Creating recipes
    • Resource types
  • Deploying Chef
    • Adding a node
    • Creating the run list


Release management with the Release Hub in VSTS

  • What is the release hub
  • Creating Environments
  • Creating release definitions
  • Triggering from builds


Monitoring with Azure and Application Insights

  • Monitoring in Azure
  • Application Insights with ASP
  • Exploring Data
  • Other language support