Microsoft Enterprise Technologies

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Today, in the world of technology, Microsoft based systems can be found anywhere. Windows is currently the most popular operation system worldwide. As a result of Windows popularity, all those who enter the world of technology must be familiar and comfortable within the Microsoft environment.
This module focuses on essential knowledge that is important for audiences from all fields. Starting from understanding Windows core components and continuing with learning about the architecture and products of the enterprise. The workshop will explore all security aspects, from vulnerabilities to user exploitation, in order to approach enterprises differently and more effectively than before.

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What you will learn:

  • Understanding and setting up Windows OS.
  • Managing Windows environment.
  • How to use the command line.
  • Scripting with PowerShell.
  • Working with Windows permissions.
  • Understanding domain architecture.
  • Managing domain.
  • Working with DNS and DHCP servers.
  • Setting up security settings with GPO and event viewer.

קהל יעד

The workshop targets all audiences with interest in the world of computers and especially those with interest in cyber security.
The workshop doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge.  

תנאי קדם

  • MS technologies
  • Powershell scripting
  • Networking (TCP/IP)


Lesson 1: Introduction to windows OS

  • Windows OS basics
  • Set up windows client

Lesson 2: Windows environment

  • Local users and groups
  • Windows file system


Lesson 3: Introduction to CMD

  • Using the command line
  • Basics commands
  • Scripting with CMD


Lesson 4: Introduction to PowerShell

  • Understanding PowerShell
  • Basics commands
  • Scripting with PowerShell
  • Advanced programming with PowerShell


Lesson 5: Windows sharing

  • What is windows share
  • How to make windows share
  • Shares using CMD and PowerShell


Lesson 6: Windows permissions

  • What is a permission
  • Permissions types
  • Permissions using CMD and PowerShell


Lesson 7: Introduction to windows domain

  • What is a domain
  • What is a forest
  • domain sites
  • domains trust
  • Organization Unit
  • Domain users and groups


Lesson 8: Domain management

  • Create users
  • Group types
  • Create groups


Lesson 9: DNS and DHCP

  • What is DNS
  • Installing DNS server
  • What us DHCP
  • Installing DHCP server


Lesson 10: Domain management

  • Create users
  • Group types
  • Create groups


Lesson 11: GPO

  • What is GPO
  • GPO basics
  • Creating windows GPO


Lesson 12: Windows event viewer

  • What is logging
  • Event viewer logs


Lesson 13-14: LAB