MIPS Processors Architecture

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The MIPS architecture is one of the most widely supported processor architectures, with a vast infrastructure of industry-standard tools, software and services that help ensure rapid, reliable and cost-effective SoC design. MIPS Technologies delivers the widest range of low power, high-performance processor cores with distinct cost advantages to semiconductor companies, ASIC developers and system OEMs worldwide. The company offers award-winning embedded microprocessor cores, instruction set architectures, as well as system controllers, and incorporates a complete array of software and system level debug tools to provide maximum flexibility and convenience for ever-changing market requirements: high-performance, low power, low silicon cost and rapid time-to-market.
The course provides an overview of different MIPS processors 32/64 bits and the differences between them and gives its delegate the knowledge required to choose the correct chip.
The course also covers the instruction sets and different software tools in the MIPS industry with and without the use of a RTOS.

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מטרות הקורס

Understand the different MIPS architectures and instruction sets

קהל יעד

Software and Hardware Eng. That interface MIPS solutions

תנאי קדם

Basic programming knowledge in C/Assembly


MIPS Overview

  • MIPS basics
  • MIPS market


MIPS Architecture

  • MIPS 32
  • MIPS 64
  • Other MIPS architectures



  • Overview
  • The Pipeline
  • Registers
  • Cache
  • FPU
  • Exception Modes


MIPS Instruction Set

  • MIPS Instructions
  • arithmetic instructions
  • data transfer instructions
  • branch instructions
  • comparison instructions
  • assembler directives
  • logical operation

Software Development

  • Software tools - overview
  • MIPS SDE Lite tools
  • MIPS Software toolkit
  • FS2 Navigator™ IDE
  • Debugging techniques and tools


MIPS Based microcontrollers

  • MIPS Industry
  • System peripherals
  • User peripherals


  • MIPS and embedded Linux
  • MIPS and legacy RTOS
  • MIPS and Multi-processing


Multi-core and Multi-processing

  • MIPS multi-threaded processor
  • Multi processing programming techniques
  • Hardware and software synchronization