Mobile Device Management

מק"ט: #55078 | משך קורס: 18 שעות אק'

Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of the IT infrastructure of any organization.
In this course we will learn the basic steps of conducting forensics investigations of mobile devices.

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  • Explain the process of conducting a forensics investigation
  • Explain strategies of collecting digital evidences
  • Describe anti-forensics techniques
  • Perform a forensics investigation of mobile devices

קהל היעד

IT/Security professionals who wish to be able to investigate malicious activities on a portable device or public safety agents who wish to extend their investigation capabilities cyber evidence mining on mobile devices.

תנאי קדם

  • Basic computer skills
  • Good understating of network protocols
  • Programming/Scripting knowledge
  • Windows, Linux basic knowledge


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Evidence

  • Mobile Devices Overview
  • Admissibility
  • Authentication
  • eDiscovery
  • Digital Evidence Process Stages
    • Identification
    • Preservation
    • Collection
    • Processing
    • Review
    • Production


Module 2: Mobile Digital Evidence

  • Internal Memory
  • External Memory
  • ISP Data
  • Data Communication


Module 3: Forensics Process

  • Seizing Mobile Devices
  • Data Acquisition
  • Examination and Analysis
  • Documenting


Module 4: Data Acquisition

  • Manual Acquisition
  • Logical Acquisition
    • File System Based
  • Physical Acquisition


Module 5: Building Forensics Environment

  • Open Source Tools
  • Commercial Tools
  • Hardware


Module 6: Anti-Forensics Techniques

  • What is Anti-Forensics?
  • Android Anti-Forensics Tricks
  • iPhone Anti-Forensics Tricks


Module 7: Android Forensics Investigation Example

  • Seizing Android Devices
  • Data Acquisition of Android Devices
  • Examination and Analysis of Android Devices
  • Documenting


Module 8: iPhone Forensics Investigation Example

  • Seizing iPhone Devices
  • Data Acquisition of iPhone Devices
  • Examination and Analysis of iPhone Devices
  • Documenting