Mobile Game Development Using Unity 3D

מק"ט: #5250 | משך קורס: 40 שעות אק'

This course introduces students to the computer game design process. Students also learn how the individual skills of modeling, animation, scripting, interface design and storytelling are coordinated to produce interactive media experiences for various markets, devices and purposes.

*שדות חובה
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This course will introduce students to the digital game design process.  Students will learn how the individual skills of modeling, animation, storytelling, programming, user interface design, etc. are coordinated to produce interactive media experiences for various markets, devices, and purposes.  
Students will work in small teams to create or repurpose digital assets and scripts for one or more game engines.

קהל יעד

  • Software development engineers that want to make transition to the mobile gaming industry

תנאי קדם

  • Good Understanding of software programing (object oriented programming)
  • Understanding of event driven programming
  • Experience with C# scripting language


Course kick-off & Overview


Unity Interface

  • The Scene window and Hierarchy
  • The Inspector
  • The Project window
  • The Game window


Unity Essentials

  • Assets
  • Scenes
  • Unity Controls
  • Game Objects
  • Components
  • Prefabs
  • Asset Store
  • Project Structure
  • Project setting
  • Introduction to Mono
  • Welcome to Scripting (1)
  • Game object life cycle management


Basic Mobile Game Concepts

  • Game Story
  • Game Characters
  • Game Tasks & Achievements
  • Game Social Concepts
  • Game Store


3D Basics Concepts

  • Coordinates
  • Local space versus World space
  • Vectors, Transforms, Rotation
  • Cameras
  • Polygons, edges, vertices, and meshes
  • Materials, textures
  • Rigid Body physics
  • Collision detection


Creating Environment

  • External modellers (FBX, , Max, Blend)
  • Resources
  • Working with the terrain editor
  • Using the Model Package


Working with the Inspector

  • Tags
  • Layers
  • Prefabs in the Inspector view


Player Characters

  • First Person (FPS) vs Third Person (TPS)
  • Selecting your main character
  • Selecting your surrounding characters
  • C# scripting in unity (3)
  • Camera smooth follow


Game Controls

  • Selecting how to control the game
  • C# scripting your control
  • Easy Touch Plug-in


Objects Rendering

  • Understanding rendering
  • Object Lighting


Characters Movements In The World

  • Object position
  • Vectors and Transforms
  • Control movement by scripting


Animation & Sound

  • Basic animation & sound usage


Game Interactions

  • Exploring collisions
  • Collision detection
  • Using Ray casting
  • Using Colliders
  • Basic physics (physics material, addForce)
  • Scripting
  • Using GetComponent


Game GUI Menus

  • Design Game main splash display
  • Designing Game GUI menus
  • Using textures in menus
  • NGUI Plug-in


Game Audio


Game Instantiation

  • Creating objects in Runtime
  • Positioning & Rotation
  • Scripting


Working 2D

  • The concepts of sprites


Game Performance

  • FPS
  • Performance
  • Unity Tools
  • Do & Don’t related to game performance


Publishing to Android

  • Creating your apk
  • Android manifest
  • Distribution of  apk using Google play


Publishing to Apple

  • Creating your ipa
  • Apple developer interface
  • Signing your Packages
  • Sharing Your ipa