NET310: Fundamentals of Web Dynpro for ABAP

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NET310: Fundamentals of Web Dynpro for ABAP

Gain knowledge about the fundamentals of ABAP Web Dynpro

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  • Understand the role of Web Dynpro ABAP with regard to SAP`s User Interface strategy
  • Develop applications based on Web Dynpro for ABAP

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  • Developer
  • Development Consultant

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  • Course 8003- BC400
  • Course 9035-BC401


  • None


  • Introduction to Web Dynpro
    • Outlining Web Dynpro Benefits
    • Explaining Web Dynpro Architecture
    • Navigating between Views
    • Using View Assemblies
    • Explaining Web Dynpro Architecture and Relationships between Entities
  • Web Dynpro Controllers
    • Exlpaining Web Dynpro Controllers
  • Web Dynpro Context
    • Defining the Context
    • Setting Context Node Properties
    • Context Mapping
  • Web Dynpro User Interface
    • Defining the View Layout
    • Data Binding and Controlling UI Element Behavior
    • Using Composite UI Elements
    • Using Static Context Menus
  • Controller and Context Programming
    • Implementing Controller Methods and Attributes
    • Using Controller Methods to Access the Context at Runtime
    • Adding new Elements to a Context Node
    • Implementing Supply Functions
  • Internationalization and Messages
    • Using ABAP Dictionary Texts and the Online Text Repository
    • Implementing an Assistance Class
    • Implementing Messages
  • Value Help, Semantic Help and Keyboard Access
    • Providing Value Help
    • Providing Value Selectors
    • Providing Semantic Help
    • Providing Keyboard Access
  • Component Reuse
    • Reusing Web Dynpro Components
    • Declaring a Component Usage
    • Implement Advanced Aspects of Component Reuse
    • Dialog Boxes (Popups)
    • Creating Dialog Boxes
  • Adaptation Techniques
    • Adapting Web Dynpro Applications
    • Configuring Web Dynpro Applications
    • Enhancing Web Dynpros
    • Modifying the Context at Runtime
    • Modifying the UI at Runtime
  • Additional Topics
    • Using SAP List Viewer in Web Dynpro for ABAP
    • Integrating Web Dynpro in the Portal
    • Monitoring Web Dynpro Applications
    • Debugging Web Dynpro Applications


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