NPI Management

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Competitive pressures, cost challenges, and increased customer expec¬tations are driving companies to improve the way they develop and introduce products to the market. Whether you’re cultivating internally born ideas, or trying to respond to customer requirements and market demands, the NPI process can help. It enables all constituents to speak a common language. It automates tasks, exposes performance bottlenecks, and drives consistent execution and continuous improvement. It provides management visibility into the product development pipeline. Since NPI is so intertwined with other prod¬uct development processes, its adoption and execution significantly influences your potential for success.

The New Product Introduction process consists of all the work involved in developing, prototyping and manufacturing a product to be introduced as an organization’s new product for a market-place. There are generally four phases: Concept design; Physical design; Prototype manufacture; Pre-production and volume ramp. After this, the product will be handed over to full production, and the organization may also have some involvement in after-sales.

Strategically, the NPI process ensures the company has the timely knowledge to allocate or divert assets and resources to maximize the benefit to the company. Senior executives and other staff are kept fully aware of where each product is in the pipeline and how it affects their performance and that of the company.

A formal NPI process enables you to consistently bring new products to market on budget and time.

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  • Acquire a fundamental knowledge of the NPI process
  • Be familiar with the common NPI team structure, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Be able to develop a project plan
  • Understand the R&R  of the project manager and the project team
  • Receive basic knowledge to manage and control the project  against the baseline
  • Acquire skills to assess and manage project risks
  • Be familiar with the PPA methodology and how to implement it
  • Acquire basic knowledge of the NPI team R&R during acquisition

קהל יעד

The Course is intended for managers, engineers and technicians, who are involved in a new product development (NPD) and in the complete process of introducing a new product to market (NPI).


The NPI Process

  • New Product Definition
  • The NPI process
    • The process nature
    • The process stages
    • The process benefits
  • The NPI team structure
  • The NPI team R&R


Project Management

  • Project Definition
  • Project Management
    • Project Content
    • Project Phases
    • Project Team
    • Project Stakeholders
  • Risks Management
    • Technical Risks
    • Logistics Risks
    • Business Risks


The PPA Methodology

  • The PPA process purpose
  • Monitoring and Data Collection
    • Monitoring definition
    • Monitoring Goals
    • Monitoring Tools
  • Data Evaluation
  • Evaluation Definition
    • Types of Evaluation
    • Monitoring and Evaluation relations
  • PPA Meeting
    • Findings presentation
    • Conclusions
    • Lessons Learned


NPI R&R during acquisitions

  • Introduction to acquisition
  • Acquisition Phases
  • Critical Process and NPI team R&R