OL380IL: Developing IBM i Applications Using SQL

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This course is designed primarily to teach experienced IBM i RPG IV programmers how to use embedded SQL in IBM i RPG IV programs.
As a secondary purpose, you also learn to create and use simple SQL stored procedures.

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  • Code embedded SQL statements in RPG IV programs
  • Create and use of stored procedures

קהל יעד

This intermediate course is for experienced IBM i RPG IV programmers who want to learn how to use SQL as a means to perform Input/Output (I/O) to access DB2 for i in their applications.

תנאי קדם

You should complete the following courses (or have the equivalent skills taught in these

  • Accessing the IBM i Database using SQL (OL37G)
  • Developing IBM i Applications Using SQL (OL38G)


  • Unit 1. SQL review
    • Lab exercise: SQL review
  • Unit 2. Using embedded SQL
    • Introducing embedded SQL
      • Lab exercise: Change CHAIN to SELECT
    • Writing programs that use embedded SQL
    • Error handling
      • Lab exercise: Changing native to SQL I/O
    • Using a cursor for multiple row result set
      • Lab exercise: Using a cursor
    • Using embedded SQL (continued)
    • Dynamic embedded SQL
      • Lab exercise: Dynamic embedded SQL
  • Unit 3. An overview of stored procedures
    • Introducing stored procedures
    • External stored procedures
      • Lab exercise: Create a stored procedure
    • SQL stored procedures
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