Oracle Application Express: Developing Web Applications

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Oracle Application Express Release 4.0 further streamlines the development of database-centric Web applications. In this course, participants learn to rapidly develop a Web application and then deploy using Oracle Application Express. Participants learn about the creation and management of database objects and about the two types of applications, database and websheet applications, along with the Various types of page wizards.

The course explains Dynamic actions, plug-ins, shared components, and creation of various components of an application using the various wizards available. Participants learn to use and modify the available themes and templates, and learn to secure an application by restricting access to users. Participants also gain knowledge on how to deploy an application from a development environment to a production environment.

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מטרות הקורס

  • Incorporate shared components into an application 
  • Use SQL Workshop to create and manage database objects 
  • Maintain and monitor access to an application 
  • Manage Application Development process 
  • Use the application builder to create and modify an application

קהל היעד

  • Application Developers
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Developer
  • Forms Developer
  • System Analysts
  • Technical Consultant

תנאי קדם

Required Prerequisites:

  • Oracle Database: PL/SQL Fundamentals Ed 1
  • Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals I Ed 1


Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals I


Maintaining Database Objects Using SQL Workshop

  • Browse, create and modify database objects using Object browser
  • Execute SQL scripts using SQL Command and SQL Scripts
  • Build and save SQL queries using Query Builder
  • Import and export data using Utilities


Building Database Applications

  • Discuss the difference between a Database Application and a Websheet Application
  • Identify the components of a database application
  • Create a database application from scratch
  • Create a database application from a spreadsheet


Creating Reports

  • Identify the types of reports you can create
  • Create, manipulate and customize interactive reports
  • Create and modify classic and wizard reports


Creating Forms

  • Identify the types of forms you can create
  • Create and modify various types of forms


Working with Pages and Regions

  • View and edit page definitions and attributes
  • Create and modify a region and subregion
  • Create a Page Zero
  • Add page groups and comments


Adding Items and Buttons

  • Identify different types of items
  • Create items and edit item attributes
  • Create and use List of Values
  • Create buttons and edit button attributes


Understanding Session State and Debugging

  • Explain how APEX uses session state
  • View, reference and clear session state values
  • Review messages in debug mode


Including Page Processing

  • Explain the difference between page rendering and page processing
  • Create computations in application pages
  • Create page processes
  • Create validations to verify user input
  • Create branches within a application


Building a Websheet Application

  • Create a Websheet Application
  • Add a Page to a Websheet Application
  • Add and manipulate a Data Grid and Report
  • Add Annotations to a Data Grid
  • Create a Saved Report of a Data Grid
  • Add Sections to a Page
  • Share Websheets using an Access Control List


Using Application and Page Utilities

  • Use the Advisor to verify your application
  • Manage defaults using the Attribute Dictionary


Adding Shared Components that Aid Navigation

  • Explain the use of shared components in an application
  • Create and edit tabs, navigation bar entries, lists and breadcrumbs


Displaying Dynamic Content

  • Create and use a dynamic action
  • Import and use a plugin
  • Create and modify a chart
  • Create a calendar
  • Create a tree


Working with Themes, Templates, and Files

  • Explain what themes and templates are
  • Create a new theme from the repository and switch to the theme to make current
  • Create and edit a template
  • Upload and use a Cascading Style Sheet and an image


Administering Application Express Workspaces

  • Create a developer and a workspace administrator user
  • Request a schema or a storage
  • Monitor the developer activity log


Implementing Security

  • List the different ways to secure your application
  • Differentiate between authentication and authorization
  • Create an authentication scheme for your application
  • Create an authorization scheme using Access Control
  • Enable and configure Session State Protection


Deploying Your Application

  • Identify the supporting objects for your application
  • Export an application and its supporting objects
  • Import an application
  • Install the supporting objects


Managing and Maintaining the Application Development Process

  • Track Features, Milestones, Bugs and To Dos
  • Manage Feedback



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