Oracle GoldenGate 11g: Troubleshooting and Tuning

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Oracle GoldenGate 11g Troubleshooting and tuning course allows students to learn to be self-sufficient in gathering and examining evidence, solving cases that each contain problems to solve, clues to their cause, and methods of resolution. Each of the practices challenges the student to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue using the GoldenGate software
Students also learn methods of Oracle GoldenGate 11g performance tuning by identifying the causes of slow startups, evaluating lag statistics, and solving network and disk bottlenecks. Students utilize all of the existing GoldenGate tools, such as GGSCI and Logdump, to troubleshoot system issues

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  • Use the Oracle GoldenGate troubleshooting tools such as Knowledge Documents, Documentation, SHOWSYNTAX parameter, the Logdump utility
  • Perform troubleshooting different problems, such as Extract and Replicat problems, mapping problems and synchronization problems
  • Identify causes of slow stratups, monitor lag and statistics, identify network and disk bottlenecks, and perform tuning of key components
  • Use GGSCI commands for gathering process evidence

קהל יעד

  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Consultant

תנאי קדם

Required Prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with the Oracle Database


Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Oracle GoldenGate 11g Fundamentals for Oracle


Gathering Evidence

  • GGSCI commands
  • Viewing Checkpoint Details
  • Evaluating a Process Report
  • Evaluating a Log Sample
  • Gather and evaluate systems logs


Troubleshooting Tools

  • SHOWSYNTAX overview, usage and output
  • Logdump overview
  • Utilizing the key commands and functionality of Logdump


Startup Problems

  • GoldenGate configuration
  • Operating system configuration
  • Permissions
  • Slow startup


Extraction Problems

  • Diagnosing a slow Extract
  • Solving the issue when Extract abends
  • Solving the issue when the Data Pump Extract abends


Replication Problems

  • Replicat is not moving or abends
  • Replicat abends with Error 509
  • Preventing Replicat from exiting


Missed Transaction Problems

  • Transactions not being processed
  • Including missed transactions


Mapping and Synchronization Problems

  • Solve mapping problems such as missed definitions and colum mappings
  • Syncrhronization issues such as out-of-sync rows, tables without keys, character sets, and DML on target tables


SQLEXEC Problems

  • SQL does not execute
  • Tracing SQLEXEC problems


File Maintenance Problems

  • Discard file is not created
  • Trail file too big or not being purged appropriately


Miscealleneous Issues

  • Time differences
  • Unuseable indexes
  • Too many open cursors


Performance Tuning

  • Builing the object record for speeding up the startup
  • Monitoring lag statistics
  • Identifying bottlenecks such as lag, network issues, and disk reads
  • Tuning Extract and Replicat for optimal performance


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