PLM210 - Project Management - Structures

מק"ט: #8038 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'
  • The course demonstrates various ways of creating and maintaining different structures in the SAP project system. 
  • It enables participants to make the necessary Customizing settings. 


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קהל היעד

Project manager
Project team

תנאי קדם


  • PLM200 Business Processes in Project Management 
  • Basic knowledge of business processes in the area of project mgmt.


  • None



  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Activities and networks
  • Texts, Milestones, Access Control Lists
  • Standard structures
  • Simulations and project versions
  • Project Builder & Project Planning Board
  • Mass changes, substitution, and validation

Course Based on Software Release: ERP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 4


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