PLM300: Business Processes in Plant Maintenance

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PLM300: Business Processes in Plant Maintenance

PLM300 describes the maintenance and repair business processes within SAP ERP. This foundation knowledge is mandatory in order for you to have the confidence to complete the subsequent configuration courses.

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  • Explain Maintenance and Repair business processes
  • Execute maintenance tasks
  • Define relevant organizational elements used in Plant Maintenance

קהל יעד

  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Industry Specialist
  • Program / Project Manager

תנאי קדם


  • SAP129 - SAP Navigation


  • SAP01: SAP Overview


  • Plant Maintenance Organization
    • Outlining EAM Processes and SAP Solution Portfolio
    • Outlining the SAP User Interfaces and Roles
    • Executing Maintenance Tasks with NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)
    • Checking Organizational Levels in Plant Maintenance
  • Technical Objects
    • Checking Functional Locations
    • Managing Equipment
    • Checking Linear Asset Management (LAM)
    • Assigning Bills of Material (BOMs) to Technical Objects
  • Breakdown Maintenance
    • Planning Breakdown Maintenance
    • Processing a Breakdown Maintenance Order
  • Corrective Maintenance
    • Outlining Corrective Maintenance
    • Processing External Services
    • Creating Notifications of Maintenance Requirements
    • Creating Maintenance Orders
    • Planning of Maintenance Orders
    • Planning of Maintenance Orders for Operation Account Assignment (OAA)
    • Selecting Maintenance Orders
    • Planning for Maintenance Orders
    • Scheduling Maintenance
    • Executing Maintenance Tasks with SAP GUI
    • Completing Notifications and Orders
    • Confirm and Technically Complete an Order
    • Creating a Shift Report
  • Refurbishment of Spare Parts
    • Checking Prerequisites in Materials Management (MM)
    • Refurbishing Spare Parts Internally
    • Refurbishing Spare Parts Externally
  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Outlining Preventive Maintenance
    • Checking the Maintenance Task List
    • Creating Maintenance Plans
    • Scheduling Maintenance Plans
  • Project-Oriented Maintenance
    • Outlining Project-Oriented Maintenance
  • Supplementary Processes for SAP Enterprise Asset Management
    • Outlining Mobile Applications for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM)
    • Using Visual Enterprise Documents
    • Describing Basic Maintenance Processing
    • Outlining Pool Asset Management (PAM)
    • Outlining SAP Work Clearance Management (WCM)
    • Applying Worker Safety
  • Report and Analysis of Information for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    • Analyzing Maintenance History with the Logistic Information System (LIS)
    • Evaluating Plant Maintenance with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)
    • Outlining Rapid Deployment Solution EAM Analytics
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management Customizing Implementation
    • Outlining SAP Enterprise Asset Management Customizing Implementation