PLM310 - Maintenance and Service Processing: Preventative

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This training course provides a detailed overview of the business processes involved in preventative maintenance and service processing.
It focuses on time-based and performance-based maintenance planning in the area of Enterprise Asset Management.
Participants also learn about specific areas such as the integration between Plant Maintenance and Quality Management, or the procurement of services based on the maintenance plan.

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  • PLM300 Business Processes in Plant Maintenance


  • None


  • Routing management 
  • Maintenance planning with a cycle 
  • Maintenance planning with a strategy – time-based 
  • Maintenance planning with a strategy – performance-based 
  • Maintenance planning with cycles of a different dimension 
  • Selling services based on a maintenance plan 
  • Stateful maintenance 
  • Measurement and test equipment management based on a maintenance plan


  • The Enterprise Asset Management area within the mySAP ERP solution is a further development of the R/3 Plant Maintenance (PM) component. 
  • However, customers with R/3 Releases 4.6C and Enterprise 4.7 can participate in Enterprise Asset Management courses below releases mySAP ERP 2004 and mySAP ERP 2005 without problem.


Course Based on Software Release ERP ECC 6.0

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