PLM412 Quality Planning and Inspection

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In this course PLM412 the participants will learn how to process QM-specific basic data as well as inspection planning details. They also learn how basic data is used in different plans and see how this data influences the generated inspection lots. The general inspection process is modeled using various examples. In addition, the training course demonstrates the possible uses of quality notifications and explains the different evaluation and reporting options in Quality Management.

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קהל היעד

Project team members, persons from the user department

Persons responsible for quality management tasks

תנאי קדם

PLM400 Business Processes in Quality Management


  • Managing QM-specific basic data
  • Sampling procedures, dynamic modification rules, master inspection
  • characteristics, inspection methods, catalogs, coding
  • Inspection planning
  • Material specification, inspection plans, engineering workbench, engineering
  • change management
  • Quality inspection process
  • Inspection lot processing, notification processing, defects recording, results
  • recording, usage decision
  • Quality notification and SAP Business Workflow
  • Evaluation methods in QM
  • Reports and analyses based on inspection lots, inspection results, and notifications

This training course concentrates fundamentally on the inspection lot processing
procedures within Quality Management. Advantages and special features of the
integration with the supply chain form part of the subsequent training courses.
Besides the application this training covers also customizing.
Customers with R/3 Releases 4.6C and Enterprise 4.7 can participate in Quality
Management courses below releases SAP ERP 2004 and SAP ERP 2005 without

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