Programming with C++/CLI

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C++/CLI is Microsoft’s extensions to the C++ language, targeting the .NET framework and the CLR (Common Language Runtime). It is primarily used for interoperability scenarios, but can also be used as a full blown .NET language. C++/CLI enjoys a special place for allowing combining CLR and native code in the same Assembly and even in the same method.

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קהל יעד

  • Experienced .NET programmers, who want to leverage complex interoperability scenarios when C++ source code is available
  • C++ programmers, who want to leverage .NET code in their native applications

דרישות קדם

Delegates should be familiar with .NET programming using C#, with at least 6 months of experience. Also, delegates must be fluent in the C++ language.

נושאי הקורס

Module 1: CLR and .NET fundamentals

  • Overview of the .NET framework and the CLR environment
  • Assemblies, AppDomains, Garbage collection, Reflection
  • Value types and reference types
  • C++/CLI role in the CLR world


Module 2: C++/CLI Fundamentals

  • Design goals and scenarios
  • Classes, methods, inheritance, interfaces
  • Finalizers and destructors
  • Generics and templates


Module 3: Interoperability with C++/CLI

  • Marshaling and the Marshal class
  • Native types and managed types
  • Mixing managed and unmanaged types
  • STL on the CLR
  • Marshaling helpers