Python for Cyber Security

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Python is a hacker's language. With its decreased complexity,increased efficiency,  limtless third-party libraries,and low bar to entry, Python Provides an excellent development platform to build your offensive tools. If you are running Mac OS X or Linux, odds are it is already installed on your system. While a wealth of offensive tools already exist, learning Python can help you with the difficult cases where those tools fail.

This Python for Cyber Security course is designed to give you the skills you need for maintaining or developing Python Penetration Testing tools oriented towards offensive operations.  This course prepares the student to rapidly develop prototype code to attack.

This course is not intended to be an Advanced Python course, but to exemplify penetration techniques utilizing Python.  The course covers Threading, Sockets, OOP, and third party modules that facilitate the offensive operator’s objective.

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  • Getting to know basic python
  • Understanding and using python's third-party modules
  • Creating pen testing tools in quick efficient way

קהל יעד

  • Cyber security personal

תנאי קדם

  • Basic knowledge any programming language
  • A good understanding of networking and security design


Introduction to Python

  • Why Python?
  • Different types and versions of python
  • “everything is an object”
  • “my first program”

Data types

  • Strings
  • Integers,complex and and float
  • Lists,Tuples and Dictionaries


Flow control

  • Conditionals
  • Loops

File system Handling 

  • Managing files
  • Managing directories

Exception handling

  • Handling errors

Creating an Program

  • Using Functions
  • Using Classes(OOP)
  • Using Module

Python Networking

  • Socket - connecting and listening socket
  • Scapy - Sniffing and Packet crafting
  • Automating socket Connection- ftplib,pxexcept

Web Python

  • Creating a web server on the fly
  • Browsing using Urlib
  • Using BeautifulSoup scraping sites
  • Using mechanize to attack the web