Ruby Programming Preparatory for Ruby on Rails

מק"ט: #4559 | משך קורס: 8 שעות אק'

Ruby is a general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented programming language that has become enormously popular in the last decade. This class will teach the basics of Ruby programming, including the basic data types, writing classes and methods, testing with RSpec, and usage of the interactive Pry shell. This class is mainly aimed at people interested in taking our Ruby on Rails course (#4564), but who have never worked with Ruby before.

The class will use Ruby 2.0.

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  • Write simple Ruby programs
  • Understand Ruby's basic control and data structures
  • Work with the Pry shell for interactive Ruby development
  • Take a class in Ruby on Rails

קהל יעד

Experienced programmers with knowledge of object-oriented programming, who are interested in learning Ruby on Rails but don't yet know the Ruby language.

תנאי קדם

Experience programming in an object-oriented language, preferably Python or JavaScript.


  • Overview
  • Major data types (numeric, string, range, array, hash, set)
  • Invoking methods
  • Blocks
  • Writing methods
  • Testing with RSpec
  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Exceptions