Serverless – with Java Spring

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Function as a Service (FaaS) for Reactive Micro & Nano Services 

One of the emerging methodologies, as development shifts to native cloud platforms, is known as Function as a Service. FaaS is an absolute deployment platform encapsulation. Since many IT/Enterprise software are being de-composed these days, FaaS becomes more and more popular and relevant. Serverless allows developers to focus on their Microservice/Nano-service functionality with no need to deal with infrastructural resource setting and management – the cloud provider does this part.
The course discusses Serverless and FaaS generically. Streams and reactive programming also introduced and covered. The second part allows Java developers to actually create and run functions over HTTP2 using reactive streams  

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  • Describe FaaS and its relevance for Microservices & Nano-services development
  • Implement Serverless development with Spring Framework
  • Deploy Serverless application to public cloud 

קהל יעד

  • Web developers and integrators that wants to implement Serverless development
  • Developers that wants to use FaaS for Serverless development
  • Web developers that wants to rapidly create scalable endpoints on cloud platform

תנאי קדם

  • Experience in REST and Web API development
  • Knowledge of Microservice architecture and characteristics
  • For the second part – knowledge of Java, SpringMVC & SpringBoot


Part 1 - Serverless & FaaS

  • Introduction
    • What is Serverless
    • Introduction to FaaS
    • Microservices & Nano-services
    • FaaS Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Serverless Providers
  • Developing Serverless applications
    • RESTful Methodology for Functions
    • Reactive Endpoints
      • Flux & Mono
    • Types of Endpoints
      • Function
      • Supplier
      • Consumer
    • Deployment Settings

Part 2 - Serverless with Java8 & Spring5

  • Implementing in Java with Spring Cloud Function
    • Straight the line with Functional & Stream API
    • Introduction to Spring5 Reactive – WebFlux
    • Creating Reactive REST Endpoints
    • Combining Java8 Function Support
    • Spring-cloud-function-web & starter-web
    • Packaging and Deploying Functions