SMI310: Implementation projects with SAP Solution Manager

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  • Understand the concept of SAP Solution Manager with the focus on supporting implementation (and upgrade) projects based on SAP Best Practises
  • Explore tools, services, and methods in detail to successfully and efficiently implement complete software solutions and new enhancements
  • Learn how to create a structured, comprehensive, standardized, and above all reliable collection of information about all ongoing projects and the status of the productive SAP solution, which in turn is the basis for informed, fact-based decisions and measures during the entire lifecycle of the solution.

קהל יעד

  • Project managers/leaders, project team members (application consultants/business process experts), test organizers and testers responsible for managing, documenting, configuring and testing SAP solutions

תנאי קדם


  • SAP01 SAP Overview
  • SM001 Introduction to SAP Solution ManagerRecommended



  • Basic knowledge of customizing and configuration concepts, such as IMG (SAP Implementation Guide)
  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of the SAP NetNeaver Application Server


  • Explore the key concepts of SAP Solution Manager in the context of implementation projects based on SAP Best Practises
  • Define a project and document the system landscape for the solution to be implemented
  • Design and document the business processes, including business requirements
  • Learn how to create Business Process variants
  • Configure the business processes
  • Use the Document Management in SAP Solution Manager
  • Organize, perform and document all project-related test activities
  • Use roadmaps as the underlying project methodology
  • Explore reports to support project management activities
  • Learn about handling problem messages in implementation projects
  • Learn about implementation-related topics, such as template management, Solution Documentation Assistant and Business Process Change Analyzer, SAP Business Process Blueprinting
  • Get technical background information as required for your project role


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