SQL Server Deep Dive

מק"ט: #7085 | משך קורס: 40 שעות אק'

This course is will take you into a journey to the internals of SQL server, in this journey we will experience the depths of data structures, the peaks of indexes and performance, During our journey we will overcome deadlocks and locks, and unplanned disasters...
If you are corsages, eager, and/or SQL Server enthusiast, come join us in this 40 hours journey to the heart of SQL Server ….

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קהל יעד

This course is intended for people with 3 to 5 years experience in SQL Server, or equivalent Database.

משך הקורס

משך הקורס הינו 40 שעות


Database Structures

  • The structure of Record & Page
  • Rows on a Page
  • Allocating a Page & Units
  • Data Compression – why? How? What? – Limitations!


Data & Log Files: Internals, Maintenance & Optimizing

  • Database Components 
  • Physical layout
  • Instant Initialization
  • Optimizing  TEMPDB
  • Filegroups Considerations
  • Configuring Checkpoint Execution
  • How the Transaction Log Works
  • Clearing the Log
  • Switching Recovery Models
  • Log File Considerations
  • VLF’s


Indexes & Query Tuning

  • Understanding the index structure (level definitions, physically order, B-tree)
  • Index Fragmentation
  • The cost of a bookmark lookup
  • About covering Indexes
  • What is the best index for…. (AND, OR, JOIN, aggregates)
  • Is a Table Scan Really the Best Option?
  • Advanced Indexing Strategies
  • Filtered indexes


Query Plans, Plan Caching, Process of Optimization

  • Plan Caching and DMV’s
  • Investigating what’s in cache
  • Understanding recompilation
  • Creating an optimal plan


Locking and Blocking

  • The anatomy of a data modification
  • Troubleshooting locking behavior
  • Lock Escalation
  • Snapshot Isolation
  • Understanding and Allowing and Controlling isolation levels


Memory Management –

  • OS memory & SQL Server Memory


Monitoring & troubleshooting

  • Using Perfmon & Profiler
  • Common bottlenecks detection.
  • Advanced troubleshooting techniques using Extended Events.


High Availability & Disaster Recovery

  • Internals of Backup & Restore - improve the overall performance and minimize downtime.
  • Disaster Recovery Best Practices
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery techniques.
  • Large Systems concepts & Enterprise Considerations.
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