Test Complete

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Test Complete is an automation tool that enables:

  • To develop automation scripts with the help of one of the 5 proposed scripting languages: C#Script, C++Script, Jscript, VBScript or DelphiScript
  • To set up an automation framework with the help of an external Data source like Excel in order to manage automation runs
  • To be integrated with some external development or Test Management tools (QAComplete, Visual Studio)
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מטרות הקורס

In this course we will teach how to set up a full automation project with Test Complete by dealing with the following subjects:

  • Basic functionalities of the tool (basic test, objects, synchronization, checkpoints)
  • Test Complete Automation scripting with the help of VBScript with practical exercises
  • Automation methodology using Jscript including a mini-project
  • Advanced features like Distributed Testing, Integration with Visual Studio

קהל יעד

QA and automation engineers wishing to acquire practical knowledge with TestComplete tool

תנאי קדם

A real knowledge and practice of any scripting language like VBScript or JavaScript, the basic scripting notions will be very quickly reminded.




QA Background for Automation

  • QA Project Life Cycle
  • Test Documentation
  • Automation for QA


Test Complete Introduction

  • Create a Basic Test
  • Test Complete Basic Configuration



Keyword  Test


Objects Oriented Approach

  • Properties / Values
  • Object Spy





  • Simple Checkpoint
  • Region Checkpoint



Scripting Testing Fundamentals


Creating a Script Test

  • Recording a Script Test
  • Introduction to Name Mapping
  • Synchronizing a Script Test
  • Inserting a Checkpoint with script


Coding basic aspects

  • Variables and Arrays
  • Conditional Logic
  • Loop Statements
  • Functions


Coding an automation script

  • Manipulate Strings
  • Regular Expressions
  • Parameters and  Variables
  • Naming Conventions


Debugging and Report

  • Log Reporting
  • Debug Tools



Working  with External Environment


Using a Data Driven Loop with:

  • Excel
  • Data-Base
  • Table


The "Stores" Folder in Test Complete using:

  • Files
  • Database
  • Xml





Solving Object Recognition Issues

  • Name Mapping advanced features(Templates, Regular expressions)
  • Dynamic Object Recognition
  • Web Testing using X-Path


Managing Exceptions

  • Event Handlers
  • Script Error Handling Syntax



Automation Coding Methodology


Layers Methodology

  • Design and Implementation
  • Reporting aspects





Building an efficient automation



Advanced Features


Distributed Testing


Visual Studio Integration

  • Visual Studio Overview
  • Integration with Test Complete



Other Useful Testing Tools


QA Complete


Load Complete


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