Tuning and Optimizing Queries Using Analysis Services 2008

מק"ט: #70003 | משך קורס: 16 שעות אק'

This two day instructor-led course teaches students how to optimize an Analysis Services 2008 Server. The course discusses how to use the Analysis Services tools to analyze the performance bottlenecks and how to optimize the queries and processing time.

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  • Monitor the Analysis Services Server

  • Analyze the root cause of performance bottlenecks

  • Improve MDX queries performance

  • Improve cube processing time

קהל יעד

Professional database developers or Analysis Services developers who have one year or more of on-the-job experience developing Analysis Services database solutions in an enterprise environment.
DBA of Analysis Services server should also attend the course

תנאי קדם

  • Have working knowledge of Analysis Services architecture. Such as, dimensions, cubes, measures, aggregations etc

  • Have basic monitoring and troubleshooting skills. For example, students should have used Perfmon on the job

  • Have basic knowledge of MDX



Unit 1: Analysis Services 2008 Architecture

This unit explains how the Analysis Services server utilizes memory, CPU and disks. Understanding the architecture is the key for understanding the root cause of the performance bottleneck.

Unit 2: Building a Monitoring Solution for Analysis Services Performance Issues 


This unit provides an opportunity to the student to build a monitoring solution that will help to identify Analysis Services performance issues. Students will use the tool provided to design a baseline performance monitoring solution.  

  • Narrowing Down a Performance Issue to an Environment Area
  • Guidelines for Monitoring Database Servers and Instances by Using Profiler and Sysmon
  • Guidelines for Auditing and Comparing Test Results

Unit 3: Server Configuration

This is a quick review of the most important server configuration properties and how they might affect performance


Unit 4: Enhancing Query Performances

In this unit students will learn how to analyze the root cause for slow queries and how to improve the query using aggregations or redesign of the cube or dimensions and rewriting the MDX.


Unit 5: Enhancing Processing Performances

In this unit students will learn how to improve the processing and how to log it for easy detection of errors.