WB006IL: IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1/7.2 Administration

מק"ט: #9466 | משך קורס: 24 שעות אק'

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This 3-day instructor-led course teaches the product skills required to install, configure, and manage a WebSphere Lombardi Edition environment.
In this course, you will learn about the architecture, installation, configuration, and management of WebSphere Lombardi Edition. You will examine the architecture of WebSphere Lombardi Edition to provide contextual information for the rest of the course, and then install and configure the product. After learning about configuration, you will define and manage user authentication and authorization, and learn how to install and deploy snapshots to different environments. Finally, you will monitor process execution and system errors using various tools.
This course uses an interactive learning environment, with hands-on demonstrations, class activities to reinforce concepts and check understanding, and labs embedded in each of the course units that enable hands-on experience with BPM tasks and skills.

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מטרות הקורס

  • Define the Lombardi technical architecture
  • Define installation tasks
  • Complete basic configuration
  • Manage user authentication and authorization
  • Install and configure snapshots
  • Manage Lombardi log files
  • Monitor Lombardi processes

קהל יעד

This intermediate course is for project and technical operations team members who monitor and administer one or more WebSphere Lombardi Edition server environments

תנאי קדם

You should have experience in the following:

  • Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Administering multi-tier business applications
  • Managing WebSphere Application Server
  • Managing a database server (DB2, MS SQL Server, or Oracle DB)


  • Course introduction
  • IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition architecture
  • Installing Lombardi
  • Core configuration files
  • User management
  • Installing and configuring snapshots
  • Working with Lombardi log files
  • Monitoring processes
  • Course summary
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