WCF - Windows Communication Foundation 4.0

מק"ט: #4297 | משך קורס: 40 שעות אק'

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft’s unified, extensible communication framework for building service-oriented applications, easing the fairly complicated development process of distributed systems. For building truly service oriented application – WCF is the tool of choice! With just the "ABC", we'll be authoring some software services in no time.
In this course you will learn the SOA approach and how you can leverage WCF to build powerful distributed systems, best suited for your needs.

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The participant will gain practical knowledge of the entire WCF programming model and understand the features and possibilities in service oriented design altogether

קהל יעד

  • .NET Software developers
  • Software architects
  • Team leaders

תנאי קדם

  • At least one year of experience with .NET and C#
  • Familiarity with web-services and/or communication frameworks is an advantage


משך הקורס הינו 40 שעות


Module 1: Introduction to WCF

  • Understanding SOA
  • Why WCF
  • The ‘ABC’ of WCF
  • WCF Architecture

Module 2: WCF Essentials

  • Service Programming
    • Defining contracts
    • Service Implementation
  • Service Endpoints
  • Service Metadata
  • Client Programming
    • Consuming Metadata
    • Using client proxies


Module 3: Service Hosting and Configuration

  • Service Hosting
  • Host choosing possibilities
  • ASP.NET and Web Services Compatibility
  • Default Configuration
  • Standard Endpoints
  • Instance Management
  • Concurrency
  • Throttling


Module 4: WCF Advanced Scenarios

  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Reliability
  • Bi-directional (Duplex) communications
  • Streaming data for high-throughput scenarios
  • Queues Services
  • Transactional Services
  • Service Discovery
  • Routing


Module 5: Serialization and Service Versioning

  • From objects to messages
    • Serializers and Encoders
  • Contract identification and modeling
  • Breaking Changes
  • Best Practices


Module 6: Error Handling and Troubleshooting

  • Understanding service exceptions
  • Fault Contracts
  • Handling service errors
  • Tracing and Message Logging
  • Tooling


Module 7: HTTP Programming and REST

  • Understanding the RESTful Approach
  • Bindings and Hosting
  • Supporting HTTP verbs
  • Representation Formats
  • Controlling the URI Template
  • Using the Web Operation Context
  • Caching, JSON
  • Syndication
  • Client Model


Module 8: Security

  • Core Concepts
  • WCF Security Overview
  • WCF Security Programming
  • .NET Security Model & Role-based security
  • Impersonation
  • Encryption and Signing
  • Federated Claim-based Security


Module 9: WCF Extensibility

  • Understanding the WCF Description Model
  • Customize the service layer using custom behaviors
  • Understanding the WCF Dispatcher and Client Runtimes
  • Discovering the Extensibility Points and Interceptors
  • Implementing a Custom Binding


Module 10: WCF and Beyond

  • Workflow Services
  • RESTful Data Services
  • WCF RIA Services
  • Microsoft Service Bus