WD601GIL: Mobile Application Development with IBM Worklight V6.1 Training

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In this 4-day course, you learn how to use IBM Worklight V6.1 to develop mobile applications that run on an Android or iOS environment. Through lectures and hands-on lab exercises, you learn about the capabilities of IBM Worklight and how to use them to develop mobile applications by using the IBM Worklight hybrid coding approach.

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מטרות הקורס

  • Identify a mobile application design type suitable for your application
  • Develop a mobile application to run on an Android or iOS platform by using the IBM Worklight hybrid coding approach
  • Use IBM Worklight client-side APIs for cross-platform portability
  • Use the Apache Cordova framework to access native device functions
  • Use IBM Worklight server-side APIs for back-end integration
  • Include the Dojo Mobile, jQuery Mobile, or Sencha Touch UI frameworks in an application
  • Secure a mobile application by using different IBM Worklight authentication techniques
  • Develop an application that uses push notifications
  • Deploy an application to a production environment

קהל יעד

This intermediate course is designed for application developers who want to create, manage, and deploy mobile applications to Android and iOS* mobile environments by using IBM Worklight V6.15.

תנאי קדם

You should have experience in Java or web development with Eclipse, and a good knowledge of the following web technologies:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 3

A basic knowledge of a Mobile Web UI framework, such as Dojo Mobile, is helpful


  • Course introduction
  • Mobile overview
  • Introduction to IBM Worklight V6.1
  • Overview of Worklight Studio
  • Exercise: Installing IBM Worklight Studio and developing your first application
  • Developing and testing the user interface
  • IBM Worklight client-side development: Core APIs
  • Exercise: Exploring client-side core APIs
  • IBM Worklight client-side development: Local storage APIs
  • Exercise: Exploring local storage APIs
  • Working with UI frameworks
  • Apache Cordova
  • Exercise: Using Apache Cordova to access native device functions
  • Worklight integration adapters
  • Exercise: Developing a Worklight integration adapter
  • Native page and web page integration
  • Exercise: Combining native pages and web pages
  • Using Worklight native APIs
  • Security
  • Exercise: Securing an application
  • Location services
  • Push notification
  • Exercise: Exploring the push notification API
  • Migrating an application from development to production
  • Exercise: Migrating an application
  • Team development
  • IBM Worklight Application Center
  • Exercise: Exploring the Application Center (Windows only)
  • Course summary
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