Web Debugging with Fiddler

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Fiddler is a HTTP debugging proxy server application; it captures HTTP traffic and logs it.
Fiddler can be used to modify HTTP traffic, respond on behalf of the web server, build HTTP requests, get statistics and more.
Fiddler works with all major browsers and platforms (PHP, Java and .NET), and can be used on any operating system.

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  • Understand the basics of Fiddler
  • Using Fiddler main Features
  • Manipulation of HTTP traffic
  • Adding Fiddler add-ons

קהל יעד

  • Web Developers, Team Leaders, QA

תנאי קדם

  • Understand HTTP Protocol
  • Understand Client-Server Model
  • Familiarity with web applications



  • Overview
  • Install Fiddler
  • Common Configurations

Fiddler Basics

  • Using Fiddler
  • Capture Requests
  • View Requests and Responses

Fiddler Features

  • Statistics
  • AutoResponder
  • Composer

Add ons

  • Add ons overview for Fiddler