Web Development in Ruby on Rails

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Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework for creating Web applications easily and quickly, and with a minimum of configuration and custom code. Rails is written in Ruby, taking advantage of that language’s dynamic, object-oriented nature to create MVC (model-view-controller) application in surprisingly little time. Between the ActiveRecord object-relational manager (ORM), migrations that define changes to the database, clearly defined conventions for application builders, easy-to-use deployment systems, built-in Ajax support, and built-in automated test facilities, Rails is a natural choice for many organizations, large and small — including Twitter, the UK government, Groupon, and AirBnB.com.
This course introduces Ruby on Rails. Participants will learn to create, test, and deploy their own applications using some of the most common tools and technologies associated with Rails. By the end of the course, participants will know how to create and deploy an application, as well as how to think about creating new Rails applications in their workplace. There will be numerous exercises and projects during the course, to ensure the greatest possible retention of information.

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  • Understand the structure of a Rails application
  • Be able to create models, views, and controllers
  • Know how to work with Active Record for easy database access
  • Understand how to deploy Web applications
  • Be able to test the Web application using automated tools
  • Use third-party Ruby gems to enhance Web applications
  • Use SCSS instead of generic CSS for stylesheet markup
  • Use CoffeeScript instead of JavaScript for client-side programming
  • Create server-side APIs for mobile and client-side apps

קהל יעד

Web developers interested in learning how to develop Web applications with Rails

תנאי קדם

Participants are expected to know the Ruby programming language, and to have some experience developing Web applications, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Experience with a relational database, and knowledge of basic SQL, is also expected.



Brief review of the Ruby language


Introduction to Rails




Parts of Rails

  • ActiveRecord
  • Action Pack
  • Active Support
  • Action Mailer


Downloading and installing Rails


Creating a Rails application






database.yml and database drivers


Rails environments




Views, including ERb templates


Models and ActiveRecord

  • Migrations
  • CRUD with ActiveRecord
  • finders, including dynamic finders
  • conditions
  • Associations
  • Validations
    • Built-in validations
    • Defining your own validations
    • Displaying validation output for the user
  • Transactions
  • Joins




Forms and form parameters




respond_to and formats


Session and the flash




RESTful controllers and resources




Sending e-mail




Deploying to Heroku


Deploying with Capistrano


Benchmarking and caching


Static assets and the asset pipeline

  • Asset pipeline configuration
  • CSS and SCSS
  • CoffeeScript and JavaScript


Ajax and JavaScript

  • Helpers
  • HTML5 “data-” support
  • Server-side Ajax handlers


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