Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 / 4.5

מק"ט: #41972 | משך קורס: 24 שעות אק'

Windows Workflow Foundation is Microsoft's .NET implementation of a Workflow authoring and hosting environment. With WF 4.5 the developer can easily author his or her workflows using the VS2010 built-in WF designer, host them in multiple application environments using the provided runtime engine and even expose them as services for the outside world to consume. Oh, and it's totally free...
In this 3-day course we will learn all of the basics of WF 4.5 from simple activities to custom defined native activities, and from a simple "Hello World" workflow up to an AppFabric hosted Workflow Service.

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Understand the concepts of WF 4.0 / 4.5, and will gain practical knowledge of authoring workflows

קהל יעד

  • .NET Developers
  • Architects
  • Team Leaders

תנאי קדם

  • At least 2 years of experience with .NET and C#
  • Basic familiarity with WCF & WPF is an advantage

משך הקורס

משך הקורס הינו 24 שעות


Module 1: Introducing Workflow Programming

  • Introduction to Workflow & the benefits of Workflow Programming
  • HelloWorkflow - Creating your first WF program


Module 2: Workflow Programming

  • Creating a WF program using C# Code
  • Using arguments in a Workflow program -  using InArgument ,  OutArgument , InOutArgument
  • Using Variable in a WF program
  • Running a WF program asynchronously & customizing an activity with Bookmark
  • Converting a WF program instance to XAML & Loading up a WF program from an XAML file
  • Testing and debugging a WF program


Module 3: Built-in Flow Control Activities

  • Manipulating Collections and using the Foreach activity
  • Using the InvokeMethod activity
  • Using the Switch<T> activity in Sequence workflow
  • Using the FlowSwitch<T> activity inFlowChart workflow
  • Using the Parallel activity &ParallelForEach<T> activity
  • Using the Pick activity
  • Handling errors


Module 4: Hosting Workflow Applications

  • Hosting a workflow service in IIS / AppFabric
  • Hosting workflow in ASP.NET
  • Hosting workflow in WPF / Winforms
  • Hosting workflow in a windows service


Module 5: Codeplex Activity Packs

  • Workflow Unit Testing Framework
  • Workflow Activity Pack


Module 6: Custom Activities

  • Creating an activity by inheriting the root activity
  • Creating an Input Message activity using Bookmark
  • Creating an Asynchronous HTTP Get activity
  • Creating a Composite activity
  • Creating an Activity Designer
  • Adding Validation


Module 7: Custom Workflow Designer

  • Implementing designer layout
  • Implementing Toolbox, Workflow Designer, and Property Inspector views
  • Implementing Workflow creation, load , save and run
  • Implementing visual tracking


Module 8: Messaging and Transactions

  • Creating a pure WCF service
  • Receiving and replying to a WCF message
  • Sending and receiving a reply to a WCF message
  • Sending and receiving a reply to a WCF message in code workflow
  • Using CancellationScope activity
  • Performing a transaction by using TransactionScope activity
  • Leveraging compensation - using Compensable , Compensate and Confirm activities


Module 9: WF 3.5 Rule Engine Interop and SharePoint Activities


Module 10: WF Extensions

  • Configuring ETW tracking
  • Configuring the SQL persistence store
  • Loading a persisted workflow from the database
  • Using a persistence participant to persist additional data
  • Using a customized extension


Module 11: Workflow State Machines

  • Constructing a State Machine Workflow
  • Beyond the basics
  • Determining current state
  • State transition bookmarks
  • Workflow Host manager and state transition history store
  • State change requests – transition management
  • Tracking
  • Bookmark exceptions
  • Define states in an enum
  • Creating a WaitForTransitionActivity


Module 12: Workflow 4.5 and Workflow Azure Services

  • New Designer functionality
  • NoPersistsScope
  • WorkflowIdentity and versioning
  • Dynamic Update
  • Activity Delegates
  • WCF Contract first - Consuming Service Contracts
  • Azure Workflow 1.0