ZL150: Advanced Solutions for Linux on System z

מק"ט: #6196 | משך קורס: 32 שעות אק'

This course provides attendees with the knowledge to prepare their Linux on System z for production. Students customize z/VM for Linux, install Linux, define network connections, and define a VSWITCH. They create different types of journal file systems and a Logical Volume Manager. A security topic addresses alternate authentication methods and explains how to harden Linux security. Students employ various security measures. Students create Linux clones, as well as VM shared segments for the Linux kernel. Topics also include Linux clusters and methods for backing up data. Finally, students install and use Webmin to perform administrative activities and use other performance measurement tools.

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מטרות הקורס

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Customize the z/VM environment to prepare for Linux guests
  • Install Linux in a guest virtual machine
  • Define Linux networking configurations
  • Define journal file systems
  • Use LVM
  • Setup clusters and VSwitches
  • Define shared segments for Linux to use
  • Clone Linux instances
  • Provide alternate ways to authenticate Linux users
  • Harden security on Linux on System z
  • Share parts of the Linux file system to reduce DASD storage requirements
  • Install and use administration

קהל יעד

People who need to, or have already installed Linux on System z and are ready for the next step.

תנאי קדם

Linux Implementation for System z (ZL100) or equivalent Linux experience.


  • Unit 1: Linux installation
  • Exercise 1: Lab setup and Linux installation
  • Unit 2: z/VM setup for Linux
  • Exercise 2: z/VM set up
  • Unit 3: Linux journal files systems
  • Exercise 3: Journal file systems
  • Unit 4: Logical Volume Manager
  • Exercise 4: Logical Volume Manager
  • Unit 5: z/VM virtual switch
  • Exercise 5: z/VM virtual switch
  • Unit 6: Cloning and file system sharing
  • Exercise 6: Cloning and DASD sharing
  • Unit 7: z/VM shared segment support for Linux
  • Exercise 7: z/VM shared segment support for Linux
  • Unit 8: Linux virtual server cluster solution
  • Exercise 8: Linux virtual server (clustering)
  • Unit 9: System administration and management
  • Exercise 9: Administration
  • Unit 10: Security
  • Exercise 10: Security


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