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Python for Automation Developers

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In the past couple of years, Python popularity as an automation tool has been rising.

Python, in comparison to other languages, contains less verbosity and is relatively easy to use.

As a result of its popularity, Python has become one of the most used automation languages. Python offers a large variety of testing frameworks, with easy package installation, wide range of IDEs, quick integration with CI/CD and many more advantages.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Python. You will create a Pytest based automation project with Selenium, Appium, REST API support and Allure reports.


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Who Should Attend

Automation developers

Manual QA with development background


תכנית הלימודים

Full syllabus
PDF להורדה

Python crash course

  • Why Python for automation development?
  • Basic Python
  • Advanced Python


  • Introduction to PyTest
  • Creating a basic test
  • Test grouping (markers)
  • Fixtures & Hooks
  • Parameterizing tests
  • XFail & Skip tests

Selenium & Appium

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript refresh
  • Selenium crash course
  • Appium crash course

REST API Testing

  • REST API & JSON in a Nutshell
  • JSON parsing using Python
  • Rest API testing using Python & Pytest

Reporting – Allure reports integration

  • Allure introduction
  • Pytest – Allure configuration & customization


  • Debugging using Pycharm

A little bit about data scraping (Bonus chapter – if time allows)

  • Introduction to data scraping?

Beautiful soup

  • Programming experience with any programming language
  • Basic background in automation development

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