Spring Framework with JPA, SpringBoot & SpringCloud

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Spring Framework is the next generation of the popular open source framework for Enterprise Java developers. Spring facilitates a dynamic framework for high productivity, modular and maintainable applications and system development.
This seminar details about spring architecture, AOP principle and configuration and explores the main enterprise features in the framework as well as common and up to date programming models provided by Spring framework

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קהל יעד

  • Java developers that want to use Spring Framework
  • Java web developers that want build web modules with SpringMVC
  • Developers that want to implement O/R Mapping with Spring Data & JPA(Hibernate)
  • Java web developers that want to use SpringBoot for Microservices
  • Java developers that want to abstract cloud configurations with SpringCloud  

תנאי קדם

  • Experience in JavaSE
  • Basic experience in Java sever-side development
  • Familiarity with java server side technologies (Servlets/JAX-RS/EJB)


Introduction to the Spring Framework

  • Goal of the Spring Framework
  • Loose abstract coupling
  • Relevant design patterns


The Inversion of Control (IoC) container

  • IoC and Dependency Injection
  • Create bean definitions
  • Constructor injection
  • Setter injection
  • Factory-method injection
  • ApplicationContext

Lifecycle of a bean

  • Lifecycle phases of a bean
  • Lifecycle callback methods
  • Post-processors


Spring Annotations

  • Dependency injections
  • Auto-wiring
  • Lifecycle events
  • Configuration


Introduction to Spring AOP

  • Basics of Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Pointcuts and advices
  • Spring AOP / AspectJ


Basic Data access with Spring

  • Spring's resource management
  • Spring's JDBC support for data access
  • Spring Data


Spring Data - JPA / Hibernate & NoSQL

  • Introduction to JPA / Hibernate
    • O/R Mapping – the need
    • Main features
    • Architecture
    • Configurations
    • Entity beans
    • Entity manager
    • EntityManagerFactory
  • Spring support JPA / Hibernate & NoSQL
    • Relational Database development using JPA, Hibernate and ORM Object Oriented approach
    • NoSQL with Spring Data


Introduction to Spring MVC

  • Core concepts of Spring MVC
  • Create Spring MVC controllers
  • Define Spring MVC web services
  • RESTful Web Service development
  • WebSocket support



  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Configuring POM
  • Setting class dependencies
  • Coding & @EnableAutoConfiguration
  • Deploying code
  • Creating executable jar
  • Create Spring MVC controllers



  • Installation
  • Configuration process & GIT
  • Main Spring cloud projects
  • Distributed configuration
  • Service registration and discovery