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C++ Programming for Java and C# Developersקורסים מקצועיים למתקדמים | פיתוח תוכנה

C++ Programming for Java and C# Developers

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C++ is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages for software development. It brings language enhancements and object-oriented programming support to the extremely popular language C. However, C++ is a large and sometimes difficult language, and even with a Java or C# background, a programmer needs to understand C++ programming style as well as C++ constructs to get the best out of it. This course has a thorough theoretical and practical coverage of the language. This helps to eliminate the misconceptions and poor programming practice that can cause so many problems.

For experienced Java or C# developers, the course will illustrate how to get the benefits of good software engineering and code reuse by using both the standard C++ language as well as the object-oriented programming techniques in real-world programming situations. There will be ample opportunity to apply these techniques during the practical sessions.

This is a hands-on course with a mix of tuition and practical sessions for each technical chapter which reinforce the C++ syntax and object-oriented programming techniques covered in the course. The course contains an appendix on the latest language enhancements of C++ 11

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Define and use data types

  • Declare, define and call functions

  • Implement classes

  • Use pointers, dynamic memory and object lifetime

  • Write code that is efficient and robust

  • Implement exception handling

  • Use operator overloading

  • Implement copy and conversion

  • Implement object relationships - composition and association

  • Use container classes and templates

  • Implement class relationships - Inheritance, Interface and Polymorphism

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
    • Java or C# Developers wishing to learn or improve in C++

    • Delegates must have solid experience of Java or C# including data types (i.e. class and struct(C#)); Methods, use of call by value and call by reference; Multiple source file projects (requiring project files or equivalent); a solid appreciation of object-oriented principles is assumed.
    • Delegates with less than four months or no recent experience of Java or C# should attend the C++ Programming course instead.

    C programmers have a choice. If they have a background or sound academic knowledge of OO then this course should suffice. If they have no appreciation of OO then they should attend the C++ Programming course

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