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Extreme Javaפיתוח תוכנה

Extreme Java

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Java community, with more than 13 million programmers, seeks for experts. Mastering Java amazing APIs is great, but also common knowledge. Most Java developers uses containers such as servers, frameworks and mobile OS. They know a lot about these environments, which in most cases are written in Java. They create and deploy simple and complex applications to these containers. Actually, both containers and deployed modules are all hosted on Java Virtual Machine.

What do we really know about the JVM?

How memory is really used?

How classes are getting loaded?

What is the role of the 'invoke dynamic' feature?

How does the GC works?

And most important – how can we effect and optimize such features?

This course provides answers and much more.


Recently, Java 9 was released with some environmental and API dramatic enhancements. These enhancements includes Modular Java (Jigsaw project), Reactive programming API and cool new utilities like Jlink. The course relates to these new capabilities.

Who Should Attend

  • Java
  • Developers
    • Java developers that want to become experts by exploring JVM internals and Java high-end core APIs

    • Experience in Java development
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